The secretary of West Mercia Police Federation. has called on home secretary James Cleverly to avoid "undue political interference" in his new position.

Following the sacking of Suella Braverman, Cleverly has taken the reins, transitioning from his previous role as foreign secretary.

Prime minister Rishi Sunak dismissed Mrs Braverman following accusations of far-right rhetoric and a lack of compassion for immigrants and homeless people, as well as accusing the police of "playing favourites" in their handling of pro-Palestinian protests by using stronger tactics against right-wing protests earlier this month.


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Downing Street said it had not approved the comments, which were labelled as "divisive" and "inflammatory" by many as pressure to remove her from cabinet mounted.

Her sacking was followed by Mr Cleverly's promotion and the shock return of former prime minister David Cameron as foreign secretary.

Pete Nightingale, the federation's secretary, made his remarks with high hopes for Mr Cleverly's tenure.

He said: "I think Mrs Braverman’s position was becoming untenable and causing a distraction for all.

"I’d like Mr Cleverly to support the police and allow us to get on with the job of policing without undue political interference."

He also called for policing to be made a more alluring career: "Not everything can be a priority, but giving the support that is desperately needed, restoring pay and reducing workloads would be a good start to making policing a more attractive career that is respected."

Worcester News: Suella Braverman was dismissed after accusing the police of 'playing favourites'

When asked about any intentions to create distance from his predecessor's controversial comments, Mr Cleverly said: "Well, I intend to do this job in the way I feel best protects the British people and our interests.

"I have had a very good conversation with the Prime Minister, who had made it very clear that he wants us to deliver on our promises to stop the boats, to protect the British people, make sure everybody feels secure in their lives."

Following his appointment, Mr Cleverly took to social media platform X, voicing his pride in being promoted.

He wrote: "It is an honour to be appointed as Home Secretary.

"The goal is clear. My job is to keep people in this country safe."