The Classic Rock Show will be stopping off in Malvern during the opening leg of its 2024 World Tour.

This band will be visiting the Malvern Forum Theatre stage on Wednesday, January 24, bringing their act to the venue as part of a 27-date run across the UK throughout both January and February.

Celebrated for their "note-for-note" precision, the band recreates iconic classic rock masterpieces on stage with an accompanying sound and light show.


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Fans can expect to hear versions of classic songs from legendary performers such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who, Dire Straits, AC/DC, Rainbow, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton.

Each show will be jam-packed rock anthems and solos before culminating in a guitar duel.

Worcester News: The show culminates in a 'show-stopping' guitar duel

Speaking on the upcoming 2024 tour, vocalist, guitarist and musical director, James Cole, said: "2024 is a big year for the Classic Rock Show.

"I believe ‘classic rock’ has now developed from an era into its very own genre, which allows us to develop the show and make it bigger and better every year.

"We have a loyal fanbase and my aim every year is that they experience a show which is new but with a very familiar feel.

"For anyone who has not seen the Classic Rock Show before, we want to deliver a performance that takes you back and allows you to feel the emotions and excitement you felt the very first time you heard these songs, whether that was on record, cassette or even CD.”


The UK leg of the tour will be followed by shows performed across the globe, as the band brings their unique brand of rock to audiences around the world.

Alongside Mr Cole, the band's 2024 world tour lineup features Jesse Smith on lead vocals and guitar, Wayne Banks on bass and vocals, Pete Thorn on guitar and vocals, Henry Burnett on keyboards and vocals, Jess Harwood on vocals and keyboards, Rudy Cardenas on lead vocals, and Tim Brown on drums.

Tickets for all 2024 UK dates, including Malvern, are on sale on Ticketmaster.