A hedge-lurking burglar is being hunted by police after a series of raids involving stolen ladders used to scale homes and jewellery being taken during the break-ins.

A suspicious male was spotted 'ducking in and out of bushes' in Bromsgrove Road, Droitwich at 5.30am this morning (Wednesday).

Now detectives tackling burglary across Worcestershire are asking the public to report any more suspicious sightings so they can make an arrest.

This incident follows a series of burglaries involving the theft of jewellery in Droitwich and Fernhill Heath, some involving the use of ladders taken from neighbouring properties.

A burglary took place at Nuffield Drive in Droitwich between 8.30pm and 3pm on November 6.

A burglary took place in Impney Way in Droitwich between 4.30pm and 8pm on November 7.

A third burglary occurred at Shrawley Road in Fernhill Heath on November 11.

DI Dave Knight of South Worcestershire Proactive CID said: "We have had three burglaries in Droitwich and Fernhill Heath which we believe are linked because of a similar modus operandi. It appears ladders are being used."

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Timer lights have been recommended and doorbell cameras have led to convictions of burglars in Worcestershire. 

DI Knight said investigations so far show that the suspect or suspects are not bringing the ladders with them but are finding them near where the burglaries are being committed.

The burglary team understands that the burglar or burglars may be using the ladders to gain access to homes via the first-floor window, circumnavigating any alarm system.

DI Knight has advised people to keep their ladders locked away and secure and to dial 999 immediately if they see any suspicious activity so police can be deployed as quickly as possible to the scene.

He also urged homeowners who do have a burglar alarm system installed to consider sensors in bedrooms or other potential entry points.

These offences have been carried out during the day when the homes are unoccupied.  

We reported last week how there were 27 ongoing burglary cases in South Worcestershire going through the courts while 77 further burglary investigations are now underway.