A GROUP walked 30 miles in one day to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital to give back for the treatment they recieved for their families.

Jessica Steed and Wayne Southall led a group on a walk from Worcester to Birmingham on Saturday, November 11, which took a total of 14 hours.

The couple have a five-month old daughter, Emilia, was born with a severe heart defect

After having keyhole surgery and further tests, doctors discovered she had a condition called Williams Syndrome, a rare congenital disorder that occurs randomly and causes distinctive facial characteristics and a wide range of learning difficulties.

Mr Southall also has a daughter called Holly Southall, age 10, with San Filippo syndrome who has been cared for by Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Miss Steed said that the group was exhausted after the walk, but was happy that they were able to pull through and complete it.

She said: "The walk was brutal and I do not think it is something I will be doing again, but we are so glad we did it.

"I got to a stage where I was thinking I would have to give up, but I just kept going through the pain.

"We were all in agony the day after but it was worth it. It was all for a great cause so this powered us through the challenge.

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Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity has a challenge to take on 30 miles throughout the month of November.

Miss Steed's group of eight participants all decided to take on the challenge in a single day instead of throughout the month.

Miss Steed said: "We have decided to go a bit crazy with it and do it all in one day as we wanted it to be more of a challenge.

The couple have a JustGiving page, which has so far raised £1740 out of their £2000 goal.

To donate to the fundraiser, you can visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wayne1698071024687?utm_source=copyLink&utm_medium=fundraising&utm_content=wayne1698071024687&utm_campaign=pfp-share&utm_term=31233bb53de842028f0bef0bd1004bd9.

Birmingham Children's Hospital supports 100,000 children every year with a wide variety of illnesses and conditions.