A PLAYFUL family of otters has been greeting excited onlookers as they play on branches and debris gathered under the bridge on the River Severn in Worcester.

The otters were captured by Meg Coley and her partner Jakey Bell, who heard calls from a baby otter while they were walking across Worcester Bridge today (Friday).

In the video, the otters were seen climbing on each other backs and eating fish on a large bit of debris that had been caught on one of the Worcester Bridge arches.

Miss Coley said: "You do not really get to see them in Worcester - it was magical.

"I am a wildlife lover, and otters are hard to find and spot, or you see the head or tail in the water, but to see them fully was a magical and special experience.

"There were two adults and one slightly smaller one which was piggybacking on the adult's back.

"To see one otter is great, but to see a whole family playing together is amazing."

The otters were also pictured swimming around the debris near the Worcester Bridge arch and had gathered quite a crowd.

Miss Coley added it is nice to be in a city that has so much wildlife on its doorstep.

Worcester News: Otters on Worcester bridge.Otters on Worcester bridge. (Image: NQ)"It is really nice as in a city there is not a lot of wildlife out and about.

"Worcester is so rare because you can walk ten minutes from where you live and see so many species.

"It is so special."

According to Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, otters are social animals which are likely to be more active during the first few hours of darkness around inland waterways.

Otters have been spotted several times in water around the city and have greeted excited onlookers on many occasions.

The otter swims with only its head visible and its eyeshine is a dull red.