£100 million of investment in Worcestershire has been announced by water company Severn Trent.

The major proposals were presented at a packed city roadshow this week, where members of the public even received free winter wellbeing packs.

The company, which aims to have carbon neutral emissions at six of its Worcestershire sites by 2030, also intends to create 7,000 new jobs under these plans.


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Steph Cawley, customer operations director, expanded on the new projects, which included improving flood protection, water quality, and reducing storm overflows.

She stated: "The roadshow was a great opportunity to talk directly to the people of Worcestershire about what we’re delivering now and what our huge plans are for the county.

Worcester News: Free winter wellbeing packs were handed out at the event

"We want to continue to provide the best service, whilst ensuring a sustainable future, including healthy rivers, less leaks and a water supply to deal with the impact of climate change and population growth."

It was also revealed that Severn Trent’s financial support schemes will benefit over 29,000 people in the county by 2030, and an additional 40,000 will be added to the priority services register.

The comprehensive plan forms part of the company's larger £12.9bn five-year strategy, which is currently under evaluation by water regulator Ofwat.

The event, held in the city’s Guildhall, was attended by area councillors, community groups, and citizens like Anna Mason, an Extinction Rebellion member.

Ms Mason praised the company’s River Rangers scheme, stating: "I spoke to the River Rangers and they were really passionate about what they do.

"More does need to be done to clean up our rivers – but this is a really good idea."

Additionally, attendees learned about Severn Trent's community fund, which has donated over £400,000 since 2020 to 17 projects in the county, including The Old Needleworks Foundation, Wildgoose Rural Training, and Droitwich First Responders.

Effectively implementing these proposals will ensure a secure water supply for future generations, protect rivers from storm overflows, and maintain a top-level service for customers.

The business plans are set to be decided on by Ofwat in April 2024.