The University of Worcester has revealed its new charter and course at the Worcester Business School.

The School celebrated the official receipt of its Small Business Charter last month, bestowed in person by Flora Hamilton, CEO of the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Crucially, it will help deliver the UK Government funded "Help to Grow Management" course, to the region's small to medium enterprise (SME) leaders.


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The program is led by entrepreneurial and industry specialists, and centres on investing in key leadership and managerial skills.

In another great stride, and after two years of diligent endeavour, officials are excited to announce the executive EMBA (Master of Business Administration) course, which aims to admit its inaugural cohort of up to 30 successful applicants in January 2024.

This course targets those already holding managerial posts or having gained leadership experience in other workplaces, including self-employed people and entrepeneurs.

Dr Scott Andrews, the head of the Worcester Business School said: "The Executive MBA provides access to a range of experiences, working alongside other senior leaders and managers to develop strategic skills across marketing, finance, HR and leadership to be better positioned to face the real challenges of today's workplace."

Jacqui Moreley-Brooker, a former MBA executive student at the university, said: "After successfully achieving my Exec MBA at the University of Worcester I was keen to maximise the value of my qualification and I applied for Chartered Manager status with the CMI.

"I am of the view that my learning didn't end with my MBA.

"I would highly recommend that all business students adopt a lifelong learning approach to their career, as a highly respected organisation the Worcester Executive MBA working with the CMI brings all the necessary elements together in order to achieve this."

Mo Patel, founder and CEO of MOBU, a health supplements company in the area, is another enthusiastic participant.

"With the growth of the company over the last four years it's a big desire for myself to continuously learn and improve myself and reach my full potential as a manager.

"This is almost like a mini-MBA and I'll be able to learn and develop my skills further throughout the course."