RESIDENT peregrine falcons at Worcester Cathedral have been captured in new stunning pictures.

Paul Williams submitted two images to the Worcester News Camera Club, showing two peregrine falcons on the Cathedral Tower.

Mr Williams said: "I am part of the Peregrine monitoring team, we monitor them daily throughout the year.

"I  am also involved in helping deliver talks and viewing sessions during the nesting season, as well as the rescue and welfare throughout the year."

According to Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, peregrine falcons can reach speeds of over 180mph, making it the fastest-moving animal that has ever been known to live on earth.

The extreme speeds that can be reached by these falcons have led to dramatic adaptions such as bone baffles in their nostrils used to slow air flow, making it easier to breathe at high speeds.

Earlier this year, four peregrine chicks were born at Worcester Cathedral, and the family (including the mother and father) were all named.

The mother is called Peggy, the father is called Peter, and the chicks are called Penguin, Penelope, Percie and Mr Lazy.

The Cathedral livestreamed the peregrine chicks in the nest, which amassed over 400,000 views from around the world.

The resident peregrines were pictured by Mr Williams on Thursday, November 18, using a Canon R7 with EF 100 - 400 L.