Now that Strictly Come Dancing is finally back on our TV screens, viewers will be looking at how to save their favourite dancers. 

Every week, the celebrities take to the dancefloor with a new dance all in hopes of making it to the final and winning the Glitterball trophy. 

Whislt the Strictly judges do share their comments and opinions on each of the dancers, the viewers decide who makes it through each week. 

So you can save your favourite couple on Strictly Come Dancing, here's how to vote. 

How to vote on Strictly Come Dancing

There are a number of ways to vote on Strictly Come Dancing, including online and by telephone. 

To vote online you can head to the BBC website, and log into your BBC account. 

Once you are logged in, you can vote for your favourite Strictly Come Dancing contestant with your three votes.

To do this, you just need to click the plus button on the picture of your favourite celebrity with the chance to use all three of your votes on the same person. 

Or, you can share your votes across a maximum of three Strictly contestants. 

Once you have chosen who gets your votes, you can click 'submit' and your celebrity will get your votes. 

You can vote via the website here.

To vote by phone, all you need to do is ring the number shown on screen during Strictly Come Dancing. 

What time does the voting opening on Strictly Come Dancing?

Voting on Strictly Come Dancing opens after all the contestants have danced.