A WORCESTER rock band has stormed into the official UK Charts with their new album.

Gypsy Pistoleros have been celebrating the success of their latest album Duende a Go Go Loco! which made it to number 94  in the Official Albums Sales Chart.

The album, released on Earache Records, also made it to number 67 in the official Album Downloads Chart, number 36 in the Official Independent Album Chart, and number seven in the Official Independent Album Breakers Chart.

The band consists of Lee Jones, Shane Sparkz, Kerry White and Crag Shape.

Lee Jones, known in the band as Gypsy Lee Pistolero, joked that the band became "the first musical act in the city to cause a stir since Sir Edward Elgar".

He said: "For us to do this is amazing and we are really proud of what we have achieved. For an indie band working with a lot less resources than other big acts, to chart is incredible.

"We were up against albums from Taylor Swift, and I think our vinyls were also a lot prettier than hers.

"We have obviously been up against acts with significantly higher budgets when it comes to promotion as well."

The band held a release party at St Swithin's Church in Worcester city centre and have had a lot of positive feedback from people in the city.

Mr Jones said: "The feedback has been brilliant which has been really encouraging for us as a band.

"A lot of our promotion for this album was done the old fashioned way, with a lot of word of mouth, and some radio plugs where possible.

"Despite charting, we are still the same band and we are wasting no time in getting back to the studio and making some more music.

"We are hoping to release our next album in Summer 2024."

The album can be purchased by visiting the Earache Records web store.

The band have toured extensively, playing with the likes of Motorhead, Twisted Sister, Poison and ZZ Top.

Gypsy Pistoleros blend genres such as flamenco, punk rock and glam rock, creating its unique sound.