PEOPLE living in the Malvern Hills district are the happiest in Worcestershire, it has been revealed in new government figures.

The county's happiest and unhappiest places to live have been ranked using data recently published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

A national survey was carried out between April 2022 to March 2023 which asked people to rate their level of happiness, among other factors, out of 10. The ONS then averages this data and compiles it in a yearly report.

As well as happiness, people were asked to rate their life satisfaction, worth and anxiety levels.

The six districts it looked at were Worcester, Redditch, Malvern Hills, Bromsgrove, Wychavon and Wyre Forest.

Last year, the Malvern Hills district was revealed to be the happiest district in the county, and Wychavon was the unhappiest place, seeing the lowest life satisfaction for the area.

In 2022 and 2023, people were most anxious in Redditch, whereas people in the Malvern Hills district were the least.

Between April 2022 to March 2023, Malvern Hills had the highest mean life satisfaction score out of 10, and Wychavon had the lowest.

Malvern Hills also took the mean score top spot for feeling that things done in life are worthwhile, with a rating of 8.21.

The lowest rating in this category came from Bromsgrove. You can find the life satisfaction mean scores and worthwhile mean scores below:

Life Satisfaction Mean Score

  1. Malvern Hills - 7.90
  2. Wyre Forest - 7.60
  3. Worcester - 7.50
  4. Redditch - 7.46
  5. Bromsgrove - 7.38
  6. Wychavon - 7.24

Worthwhile Mean Score

  1. Malvern Hills - 8.21
  2. Wyre Forest - 8.08
  3. Worcester - 7.99
  4. Redditch- 7.82
  5. Wychavon - 7.81
  6. Bromsgrove - 7.68

Harriett Baldwin, MP for West-Worcestershire, has constituents in both the Malvern Hills region and in Wychavon.

In response to the data, she said: “Having looked at the data in this study in detail, it is clear that people across Worcestershire are satisfied at where they live and the responses are higher than those who live in Birmingham or London.

“We are blessed with fantastic rural countryside, great culture, great schools, great communities and the ability to enjoy a more relaxed style of life so I am not surprised that people have reported to the Office for National Statistics that they are the happiest.”