SPEEDING drivers breaking a 20mph limit are at risk of turning a rat-run road into "a new motorway", a councillor fear.

Fed-up residents in Tudor Way have complained to St John's councillor Richard Udall about continuing issues with speeding despite the lower speed limit.

Speed surveys have now been carried out on the road between Wednesday, November 15 and Tuesday, November 21.

Cllr Udall said: "I secured the 20mph speed limit and traffic calming for Tudor Way twenty years ago, and have long suspected that it is not working.

"I have noticed and residents have frequently complained about speeding cars using Tudor Way, especially as a cut-through. 

"With over 3,000 vehicle movements a day using the road and with large amounts of vehicles simply ignoring the speed limit, its time to re-examine what's been done, determine if it's effective and consider new options, such as the removal of speed humps and their replacement with chicanes."

Most of those speeding were travelling northbound on Tudor Way between Bromyard Road and Oldbury Terrace.

Drivers regularly broke the 20mph on the road outside 145 Tudor Way where there was an average of 1,190 vehicles a day travelling northbound at an average speed of 22mph.

Outside of 45 Tudor Way, there was an average of 1,574 vehicles a day, travelling northbound at an average speed of 22mph. 

Travelling southbound, there was an average of 1,179 vehicles a day, travelling at an average speed of 19mph.

Travelling southbound, there was an average of 1428 vehicles a day, travelling at an average speed of 18mph.

Cllr Udall said that he wants to avoid Tudor Way becoming "a motorway" following the speed surveys.

He said: "We can't ignore the problem or pretend it does not exist.

"We need to meet the challenges and make the changes to ensure Tudor Way is a safe residential road and prevent it from becoming a new motorway for vehicles avoiding congestion in St John's".  

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said it will be looking into the issue.

They said: "Following concerns raised by the local county councillor, we carried out a speed survey and will be discussing the results of this with Cllr Udall."