A CITY boxing club is looking for a venue to host a show in Worcester after a fruitless five-year search.

Worcester Amateur Boxing Club has not been able to host a show in the city for over five years due to funding and a lack of venue options.

As a result, the club has seen an impact on its finances and growth, with boxers regularly travelling to 'away' shows to compete.

Coaches Mick Underwood MBE, Cllr Owen Cleary and Shaun Finn, are actively looking for boxers, funding, sponsors and show venues.

Mr Underwood, head coach at Worcester Amateur Boxing Club, said: "Worcester's amateur boxers need to showcase their talents on a home show, in front of family and friends.

"We have boxers who have competed 30 or 40 times yet never boxed in front of their own fans."

Despite the hurdles and lack of a home show, the club has two English champions, a European bronze medallist and five Midlands champions, with others over the last few years.

The Worcester Amateur Boxing Club squad consists of 15 boxers, with 15 more training to achieve their boxing card, and 25 attending a regular beginners class.

Cllr Owen Cleary, Worcester city councillor for Warndon, said the club is inclusive and welcomes anyone looking to get involved with boxing.

He said: "I boxed and competed when I was younger.

"The combination of discipline and fitness is second to none, something getting rare nowadays.

"Anyone looking to get fit and try a new sport is welcome at our gym".

Worcester Amateur Boxing Club is the city's only England Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) affiliated club.

It trains boys and girls from age ten and above, with all coaches qualified and vetted using national skill and safeguarding standards.

Worcester Amateur Boxing Club training is held at 21 Spring Lane, near Tallow Hill, with its entrance and car park based off of Vincent Road and Cecil Road.

The club's sessions run from 6pm to 8pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, with a separate beginners' session between 5pm and 7pm on Wednesdays

Training costs £3 a session and all levels of experience are welcome.