CHILLY, sunny and cloudy weather will be experienced over this weekend in Worcester. 

According to the Met Office, this weekend's weather will be quite varied - but the temperatures are set to remain low throughout.

For the rest of today (Friday, November 24), clear skies with sunshine have been tipped between 10am and 3pm, with highs of 9C.

The sunshine is set to continue tomorrow (Saturday, November 25), with the sun tipped to poke through the clouds until 10am, when the clouds are expected to disperse.

Until 3pm, the sun is expected to shine - but temperatures will drop to highs of just 6C.

Sunday (November 26), will see a big change, with dark grey clouds tipped throughout the day and chances of rain between 6pm and 9pm.

The Met Office forecast predicts rain will continue on Monday morning (November 27), before turning cloudy for the remainder of the day.