"MINDLESS" vandal armed with a BB gun shot at sea cadet hut smashing windows and leaving the site covered in broken glass.

It is not known why they targeted Worcester Sea Cadets building in Diglis on Wednesday, November 22.

The damage was discovered by a group which uses the building at around 1.30pm.

The unit was last used Sunday evening by the Diglis Boaters Film Club and Café Afloat, who reported the damage.

Denise Harvey, chair of the Worcester Sea Cadets, said the attack has had a knock-on effect to a lot of other organisations who use the hall.

She said: "Eight out of the ten windows that are at our Diglis site have been smashed.

"It just beggars belief why somebody would do this, it really is mindless.

"I think it is especially difficult as this is a community hub that is used by a lot of different groups, so it is not just us that this kind of behaviour affects. 

"As an organisation, we try to do a lot of good work with young people, teaching them valuable life lessons and things that they can use throughout their lives. It is hard to understand why somebody has done this."

Worcester Sea Cadets have two locations, one in Diglis and another off Midland Road, which is used more out of season.

Mrs Harvey said: "Our Diglis location is based by the river so we can get out onto the water, but it does not get used as frequently over the winter months as the weather gets too cold to be out on the water.

"This is why a lot of other organisations utilise the space, so the damage has just made that difficult as we now need to look at getting all of the windows replaced.

"We are predominantly at our other location in the winter months, where we teach our cadets a host of other skills."

Worcester Sea Cadets currently have 45 cadets signed on between the ages of 10-18.

If anyone wishes to get involved with the Worcester Sea Cadets, you can call 07754 712869 or email  admin@worcestercc.org.uk.

The incident has been reported to West Mercia Police.

Anyone with information about the damage, can either call 101 or use the Tell Us About form on the West Mercia Police website. 

We have contacted West Mercia Police for a comment.