We are soon entering the best time to look for a job, according to a Worcestershire business woman.

According to research published in December last year, 20 per cent of people in the UK resolved to pursue a career ambition in 2023, with the figures for 2024 due out in a matter of weeks.

Kelly White, founder of Number Fifteen Recruitment, has given some advice for all potential job-seekers.

She said: "Usually, January to March is the best time to look for a job, as recruitment budgets are allocated, but the market can become very competitive so my advice would be to start researching now, prepare your CV and get interview ready."

Ms White's advice comes as she launches the county’s first, and only, specialist marketing, business development and customer care recruitment business.

She said: "With the number of job seekers surging for the 8th consecutive month, as companies turn to redundancies to shrink their workforces, it is more important than ever for businesses and candidates to work with specialist agencies.

"Although some recruiters work in a variety of roles, in this market you may want to choose a recruiter that specialises in your field or the field of the role you are looking to recruit."