A SINGLE dad that insulated his home with £1 cardboard to combat rising bills is "worried" by the latest energy price cap rise.

Energy regulator Ofgem said the typical annual household bill would go up from £1,834 to £1,928, a rise of £94 - or five per cent.

Last year, Nigel Cleall, 52, of Nash Close, Martley, covered the walls and ceilings of his property with cardboard he bought for £1 off eBay and £140 polystyrene tiles after his bills increased to £1,000 a month.

He's since had a smart meter fitted and said his energy costs are much more manageable, but he said the price hike is still worrying.

Mr Cleall said: "I am always worried about my finances, and I always have to work everything out to see if I have enough money at the end of the month.

"I was recently involved in a car accident, thankfully I wasn't injured, but I have had to rebuild my car myself. It's set me back between £500 and £600. So this month has been difficult."

A father of two, Mr Cleall lives at the property with one his children, Oliver, age 13. He said that since getting a smart meter fitted, his bill s have slightly improved.

He said: "I got a smart meter fitted recently, so that has helped manage the bills a bit better.

"I also got rid of the old air source heat pump that wasn't heating my house properly and changed them for electric panel heaters, which I bought myself.

"They are all on timers and all the mould caused by the previous heating system has been cleaned away. I only pay around £50 a week for heating now.

"I am also due to get my home retrofitted with a new roof and insulation on the outside walls next April - so that should be a great help.

"But I am still worried about the energy price cap rise coming in next year."

He previously considered moving him and his son into his garden shed - which he said was warmer than his home at the time.