A healer from Worcestershire has launched an app aimed at helping users manage stress and anxiety.

The 'Me Helping Me' app, created by Emily Papirnik, offers a wide range of easily accessible energy practices intended to promote emotional wellbeing and the quality of life of its users.

Ms Papirnik developed the app to provide a self-help guide, easily integrated into everyday life, after recognising the toll the pandemic had on her clients’ mental wellbeing.

She said: "I wanted to help my clients when they are not having a ‘treatment’ with me, and to find a way to be in their pockets to bring a sense of calm to them, to help them find balance, harmony and essentially feel better.

"I created the app to be used as a self-help guide and tool and really worked hard on making it accessible for all."

The app focuses on encouraging users' 'parasympathetic nervous system' or the 'rest and repair' response.

Users are encouraged to find solutions internally, rather than waiting for their environments to change.

Ms Papirnik added: "I am really proud of this app as it provides an opportunity for human beings to understand and feel the power they have in themselves to heal and help them live this physical existence with all the challenges and difficulties that they face."

During the pandemic, she deepened her work spiritually and found balance and inner peace, which led to her creating the app.

She said: "I became a 5th Dimension Energy Healer and created my first app Igniting intention.

"Now, the ‘Me Helping Me’ app is an extension of this, that shows others we have it all within us to heal - and thrive."

Ms Papirnik says she has helped many cope with depression and life-changing events throughout her career.

This mobile app, however, offers her the chance to expand her reach, helping people feel better all around the world.

She added: "As I journeyed through my own challenges, I discovered the incredible power we all possess to heal and find harmony within.

"‘Me Helping Me’ is a reflection of that discovery, a tool to help individuals connect with their inner strength and resilience."