A MOON halo had Worcestershire residents looking up to the skies at the weekend. 

A halo around the moon appears when a thin layer of cirrus cloud made up of ice crystals moves across the sky.

Refraction of the light by the ice crystals causes the halo to form.

The natural phenomena led to national attention, and reader Calvin Davies caught this spectacular image.

Worcester News: EYECATCHING: Moon haloEYECATCHING: Moon halo (Image: Calvin Davies)

He said: "Nice moonlight last night in Malvern with airplane going through."

Tammie Cole took this image, adding: "It was so pretty".

Worcester News: BRIGHT: The moon haloBRIGHT: The moon halo (Image: Tammie Louise Cole)

Stu Harding captured this image he shared on Worcester News' Facebook

Worcester News: SKY: The moon halo in the skySKY: The moon halo in the sky (Image: Stu Harding)Demi Rudd said this was the picture she took which she wanted to share.

Worcester News: IMPRESSIVE: Moon haloIMPRESSIVE: Moon halo (Image: Demi Rudd)Ivelina Badalova took this picture in Evesham.

Worcester News: AMAZING: Moon halo spotted in EveshamAMAZING: Moon halo spotted in Evesham (Image: Ivelina Badalova)And Jane Montgomery added that Jupiter was visible in her picture of the moon.

Worcester News: JUPITER: Jupiter also visible in this imageJUPITER: Jupiter also visible in this image (Image: Jane Montgomery)Readers on Worcester News Camera Club also caught spectacular images of the moon as there were perfect conditions for some eye-catching photography over the weekend.

Worcester News: EYECATCHING: The moon pictured by Colin AllenEYECATCHING: The moon pictured by Colin Allen (Image: Colin Allen/Worcester News Camera Club)

Worcester News: 'Moon rising' by Collette Knibb'Moon rising' by Collette Knibb (Image: Collette Knibb/Worcester News Camera Club)

Worcester News: SPECTACULAR: Moon pictured by Christopher MurphySPECTACULAR: Moon pictured by Christopher Murphy (Image: Christopher Murphy/Worcester News Camera Club)

Worcester News: GLOWING: Moon glowing GLOWING: Moon glowing (Image: Jacqui Hudson/Worcester News Camera Club)

For more moon images visit Worcester News Camera Club on Facebook.