A FAMILY have decorated their home with 65,000 Christmas lights - raising money for a charity close to their hearts.

The Allard family, of Bow, Hill, Callow End, have been hard at work over the past two weeks, sacrificing evening and weekends to install the lights.

The family always have Christmas lights on their home, but for last three years, they have been using the lights to raise money for local charities.

This year, the family have selected the Worcester Neonatal Care Unit, which is very close to their hearts.

Lewis Allard said: "The Worcester Neonatal Care Unit looked after our two children Bobby and Scarlett so we are always very grateful for them.

"It is very close to our hearts, and is one which we have selected before to fund-raise for in the past as well.

"In our first year, we chose the care unit and last year we chose St Richard's Hospice, another brilliant organisation."

The lights were officially switched on at the family's Christmas party held over the weekend (Saturday, November 25).

Mr Allard said the progression of the light display at his home "started off as a laugh" before reaching the 65,000 light stage this year.

Mr Allard said: "It is sort of a tradition for us to switch them on at a Christmas party event which is always lovely.

"We have always had a lot of lights around Christmas and it sort of shifted to 'how many could you actually fit on?' 

"It reminds me now of American Christmas films like Christmas Vacation with the Griswald family. It is a lot of fun."

Despite the large number of lights, Mr Allard wanted to keep them looking 'classy', with a two colour-theme.

He said: "We have gone for pinks and white lights on the house, and some lights on the tree as well this year.

"Now that they are on, people can see them throughout the festive period until about Saturday, January 6."

Anyone who wishes to donate to the fundraiser can either visit the JustGiving page at https://shorturl.at/dmI01 or scan the QR code that will be on display outside of the home.