New TikTok trend alert! We've got a new relationship quiz to take part in and there are only 12 questions to answer. 

Couples have been getting to know their partners better thanks to a new relationship trend on the video-sharing platform.

The test lets you some serious questions to your special someone including everything from their future hopes to sharing the the different things they love about you.

TikTok is no stranger to viral quizzes and we've shared some of the most weird and wonderful ones with you from the human feeling quiz to the personality colour test.

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This new viral quiz lets TikTokers uncover just how well their significant other knows them ( and vice versa!).

If you're brave enough to give it a try with your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner, here are those 12 important questions you'll need to know:

What are the 12 questions in the TikTok viral quiz?

  1. If someone asks you what I am to you, what do you say?
  2. What are the three things you love about me?
  3. What makes me different from others you have dated/ talked to in the past?
  4. What do you dislike about me?
  5. What is your favourite thing about me?
  6. What was your first impression of me?
  7. What are three things I say a lot?
  8. What is one thing you hope for our future?
  9. If we were together right now, what would we be doing?
  10. What would you be doing right now if we never met?
  11. How was your life before we got together?
  12. Will I forever hold a special place in your heart?

TikTokers jumping on the trend often share videos that feature text exchanges between themselves and their SO with the questions and their responses included. 

When one boyfriend was asked what makes his current girlfriend different from his previous relationships, he replied: "You make you different from other females, the way u act, speak to me and how I see you.

He added: "I don't see no other woman on the planet."

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When another man was asked to share six things he liked or loved about his girlfriend, he responded: "Your laugh, how much you care, how you look, how gentle u is, your presence and your love."

It's not just current relationships that have been taking part in the quizzes either. 

Some users have been putting the 12 questions to their ex-partners and get a better understanding as to why their relationship ended.

It won't be for everyone - especially those who avoid their exes - but if you've remained friends then it could give some interesting insight.