WITH the Elf on the Shelf fun returning we asked readers for their suggestions to help anyone looking for inspiration. 

Some parents say elves are watching their kids to report back to Santa in the run-up to Christmas while others use it as a fun way to get kids involved in the festivities.

The elves get up to mischief each day in December much to the delight of children who wake up to find out what the elves are up to. 

But coming up with ideas can be tough so we asked readers to share their pictures of how they have positioned elves around their houses in past years.

Abi Puds Smith shared this picture, explaining: "We have one in our shop and he was doing a (I'm a Celebrity) bush tucker trial here."

Worcester News: ELF: Elf taking part in a bush tucker trialELF: Elf taking part in a bush tucker trial (Image: Abi Puds Smith)

Jacqui Gunth said her elf "Gets everywhere" sharing this picture of the elf having fun on her Christmas tree. 

Worcester News: TREE: Elf on a Christmas treeTREE: Elf on a Christmas tree (Image: Jacqui Gunth)Angela Rees sharing a picture of an elf hanging on a Christmas wreath.

Worcester News: WREATH: Elf on a Christmas wreathWREATH: Elf on a Christmas wreath (Image: Angela Rees)Jeni Chapman shared this fun picture of a Elf who had been playing with Lego.

Worcester News: LEGO: Elf playing with legoLEGO: Elf playing with lego (Image: Jeni Chapman)And Jeanette Harris shared this photographer of her elf hanging from the neck of a giraffe.

Worcester News: HANGING: Elf hanging from a giraffeHANGING: Elf hanging from a giraffe (Image: Jeanette Harris)

Helen L Thomas said she 'loved the elf antics' - even though hers was playing about in the toilet.

Worcester News:

Dave Harford's naughty elf has enjoyed one too many Baileys

Worcester News:

The elf belonging to Abi Puds Smith has helped itself to a bowl of ice cream

Worcester News:

Oh no! Carl Lindsay-veal found an elf 'helping' a carrot

Worcester News:

The tradition arrived in the UK after the release of the Elf on the Shelf book released in 2005.