"FLOOD defences" would have saved a parish hall built in the 1930s according to a councillor.

The Severn Stoke Parish Hall, on the A38, was demolished on Monday, November 27, after the  significant impact of  flooding which has plagued the village in recent years - which led to the building being condemned. 

The hall was refurbished in 2007, to be capable of hosting up to 100 people, and was regularly used  by auctioneers, cycle clubs, pilates clubs, band rehearsals and private functions.

David Harrison, Malvern Hills district councillor for Severn Stoke, Kempsey and Croome D'Abitot, believes that better flood defences would have saved the building.

He said: "We have lost our village hall due to flood damage, which is such a shame If there were flood defences in place, it would have been saved, but it took so long to get them. 

"It was just uneconomical to repair the building."

Berny Male, Severn Stoke resident, watched as the building was demolished. Mr Male said the demolition of the building is "such a shame" for the village.

He said: "It is very sad and I am not sure what the plans are going forward. I am not sure if we will be getting a new hall instead.

"The cubs, brownies guides and scouts left in the 1980s which left the building used by a few regular events.

"I went to one of the last ever events at the hall, a quiz night, which brought a lot of happy memories."

Severn Stoke Parish Hall was set up as a registered charity in 1991, managing two government grants given for the improvement of the hall.

In 2022, the parish council said a survey of residents, conducted in 2021, demonstrated an "appetite for continuing a facility in the parish" and that was the basis for the current exploration of what the future could be for the hall.

The parish clerk added that the outcomes for the parish hall was also "intertwined" with the current flood defences project.

We have contacted Severn Stoke Parish Council for more information.