A 25-year-old prolific criminal is now behind bars - but will be banned from a number of shops to give traders a break when he is released. 

Thomas Cole, of Spion Kop, Pinvin near Pershore, stole from various shops to fund his drug habit and even assaulted a shop manager in one of the thefts, magistrates heard.

Unfortunately, the Worcester News cannot show a picture of Cole as he was in custody prior to the case, and police have not provided us with a custody picture despite us making a request.

Tom Wickstead, prosecuting, listed Cole's crimes when the defendant appeared in the dock of Courtroom 1 of Worcester Magistrates Court on Tuesday, (November 28). 

Magistrates heard Cole stole:


  • Fabric softener, a t-shirt and other goods from Factory Shop, Pershore, valued at £72, on August 7
  • Two chairs and cleaning products from the Factory Shop, valued at £280 on September 9
  • Food and drink valued at £15.30 from ASDA, King George's Way on September 12
  • Meat, worth £36 from Tesco, High Street on September 12
  • Cleaning product and soft drink, valued at £104, from ASDA on September 12
  • Meat worth £82 from ASDA on September 12
  • Men's boxers, valued at £100, from the Factory Shop, on September 13

Worcester News: THEFT: Thomas Cole stole from The Factory Shop, PershoreTHEFT: Thomas Cole stole from The Factory Shop, Pershore (Image: Google)

  • Meat, worth £180, from ASDA on September 15
  • Meat and cheese, valued at £30 from Co-op, Racecourse Road, Pershore on September 15
  • Steak from ASDA on September 16
  • Various meat including steak from ASDA on September 17
  • Clothes worth £100 from the Factory Shop on September 19
  • Meat from ASDA on October 5


Cole admitted those thefts, breaching a community order and a public order offence which took place on September 9. 

In that crime, Cole called the victim a grass and threatened to slice him. 

Cole had also denied a charge of assault by beating, but was convicted after a trial. 

Worcester News: CASE: Thomas Cole appeared at Worcester Magistrates CourtCASE: Thomas Cole appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court

In that offence on August 7, Cole shoulder barged a store manager of the Factory Shop store manager as he walked out having not paid for items.

Mr Wickstead said Cole's offence was aggravated by his having previous convictions and that the total amount stolen was over £1,000. 

Mark Turnbull, defending, explained Cole was a regular user of heroin and cocaine but after losing his job as a roofer his lifestyle began to unravel. 

"It (his crimes) became daily, coming under pressure to pay off debts," the solicitor said adding Cole was realistic and ready to be jailed.

Magistrates jailed Cole for 26 weeks and ordered he pay a total of £155 compensation split between the victims. 

Cole was also given a two-year Criminal Behaviour Order. 

Prohibitions of the order include that Cole must not enter Tesco, ASDA or the Factory Shop, or refuse to leave any area when asked by someone in authority to do so. 

  • Cole has denied three other charges; two criminal damage and common assault. Cole has been told he will face trial at Worcester Magistrates Court on March 7.