Severn Trent have given Worcester residents some top tips as temperatures drop for the winter.

With the Met Office predicting unsettled weather conditions will continue to persist, customers are being encouraged to prepare for the chilly season and support their neighbours.

The water company's tips range from how to lag your pipes to what actions should be taken for fats, oils, and greases.


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Customer contact lead at Severn Trent, Jodie Bowen said: "We know the winter can be a difficult time for many and we want to make sure we’re there for each other - for family, friends and our communities.

"And we’re on hand to offer help, advice and support when our customers need it too."

Quickfire tips offered by the company include insulating your pipes in unheated areas of your homes, such as lofts, roofs, outbuildings and garages, to stay safeguarded against leaks or bursts this winter.

Residents are also advised to know where your stop tap is and make sure it functions correctly.

In the bathroom, Severn Trent tell residents to check for and mend leaky toilets and taps.

It is advised to only flush the ‘3Ps’ - pee, poo, and toilet paper - and maintain a bin for all unflushable items such as sanitary pads, tampons, nappies, and wipes.

For the kitchen, use kitchen roll to absorb grease before washing plates and pans.

Collect used cooking oil, fat and grease into a container, and bin it once it has cooled down.

Additionally, the firm offers free home water efficiency checks, where expert engineers would visit your property and provide advice on water-saving, or even install free water-saving devices.

Severn Trent also remind those concerned about their winter bills that they can provide support in a variety of ways.