With temperatures dropping and snow starting to fall, Dog Trust Evesham has issued some simple steps to keep your furry friend safe and warm.

Today, the charity is calling on dog owners to follow some simple guidelines during the cold snap.

To start with, owners should remember that dogs feel the cold just like humans and must be kept warm, whether that be through growing a longer coat, or buying one instead.

Beyond this, it’s advised to keep dogs on a lead in snowy conditions, as they be disorientating and dangerous for dogs.

After a walk, wiping your dog’s legs, feet, and stomach can prevent irritation from grit on the roads or dampness from snow.

Owners should also be cautious around frozen ponds, as the ice might not be thick enough to bear the weight of a dog.

The charity advises against attempting a rescue if a dog does fall in, but rather, to encourage them to swim back and contact emergency services.

Owners are also advised to keep antifreeze out of reach, which is toxic but appealing to dogs.

Owners' safety is also crucial, with appropriate clothing to ensure visibility very important for safety as the days grow shorter.

As weather conditions worsen, leads, collars, and harnesses should also be checked regularly to ensure they function safely.

If adverse weather keeps you and your furry friend mostly indoors, the charity recommends games such as hide and seek or 'find it' as great ways to keep your dog stimulated.

Manager at Dogs Trust Evesham Chris Slight said: "Winter walks can be a lot of fun for both people and dogs alike, and many dogs love to run and play in the snow.

"But this cold weather brings with it some extra hazards for dogs and their owners."

He added: "There are lots of simple things you can do to help your pooch stay safe and warm during cold weather, including keeping your dog on a lead as conditions worsen, wiping their paws after a walk, and taking steps to improve both your own and your dog's visibility."