A CITY supermarket is installing number plate recognition CCTV to help reduce crime and improve safety of colleagues.

Tesco, in St Peter's, will have ANPR cameras in use in the customer car park on Friday, December 1 after recently having the cameras installed.

Signs have been placed across the car park showing that a maximum stay of three hours throughout the day will be controlled and managed by Horizon Parking.

Steve Winfield, store manager of Tesco St Peter's, said: "The main reasons for its introduction are to support a reduction in noise pollution we've experienced overnight in the Car Park.

"Following many complaints we've had from our neighbours of the store, the parking restrictions will act as a deterrent and help reduce noise."

Mr Winfield also said the cameras were to reduce crime and improve safety of the store's colleagues and customers in store - and to also help ensure disabled and child parking spaces are available customers.

He continued on X, formerly known as Twitter: "I recognise that this is a big change for many and that the signs going up a few months ago did generate a lot of interest previously

"So I wanted to share this post ahead of the system going live so that as many as possible of our customers are aware of the changes before it's launched.

"Having worked in many stores previously with store car parks managed by Horizon Parking, I'm confident that it will help us to improve on the points mentioned without impacting the shopping trip of customers to the store."

Mr Winfield advised any customers to approach him, or staff members in store with any questions about the new cameras.

According to Police.uk, ANPR has proved to be important in the detection of many offences, including locating, for example, people wanted for arrest or missing, witnesses, stolen vehicles, uninsured vehicles and uncovering cases of major crime.