Artery Studios in Worcester is unveiling a new art exhibition next week.

Crafted by professional photographer, James Greenoff-Cairns, Witness Marks is his first artistic showcase.

He said: "I'm incredibly excited to open Witness Marks at The Artery.

"It's a collection that tells a story of the spaces we create, collections we build, and marks we make that I hope people will find a real conversation starter."

Additionally, M rGreenoff-Cairns stated: "This is a project that began as a personal labour of love, but it quickly became clear that the themes are universal, they speak to all of us, and they are something everyone can engage with - and so it became this exhibition."

Artery Studios co-founder, Adam Best, said: "We’re really excited to show James’ photographs on our walls for his upcoming exhibition at The Artery."

Witness Marks will be open for viewing from 10am to 4pm on December 9-12.