A WORCESTERSHIRE couple credit building their home together as the foundation of their long marriage as they celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.

David Wilks, 86, and Ann Wilks, 87, of Old Storridge, near Alfrick, are celebrating their blue sapphire wedding anniversary today (Wednesday, December 6).

Mr Wilks, a former grenadier guard, originally of Spetchley, and Mrs Wilks a former health secretary at the Ronkswood Hospital, originally of Worcester, said that building their home together was an important part of their marriage.

Mrs Wilks said: "I often think we have had such a happy marriage because we did build this place together.

"David was a cabinet fitter and carpenter by trade after his time with the Grenadier Guards, so he has always been very handy.

"He made our doors, furniture, windowsills, and fitted windows to name a few things. It was certainly a journey."

The couple bought their property for £1,700 in 1969 and made it into the home in which they would spend their lives.

Mr Wilks said: "It took eight years to build our home. When we bought it, it was just a single room downstairs with a staircase to a single bedroom, over time, we built it into what it is now.

"Myself and Ann once carried 7,000 bricks up under our arms off the road."

Mr and Mils Wilks met when they were both 17 years old while playing table tennis in Worcester.

The couple were married at The Church of Holy Trinity, formerly in Shrub Hill Road in Worcester.

Mr Wilks said: "Ann lived in Lowesmoor at the time so it was just around the corner from us.

"At the time, I was training army recruits at Caterham Barracks (Surrey) and because the training had gone so well, I was given a fortnight of  leave so I said to Ann 'Don't you think it's time we got married?'"

Mrs Wilks said although the the couple have their differences they worked hard at their marriage and are happy for it.

She said: "We never really argue much. We are different in a lot of ways, but I think years ago when people got married, they just worked at it more.

"People meet on the internet nowadays and things are very fast-paced. It was very different in our day and we worked at our marriage over the years."

The couple have three children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.