MORE than eight ambulances were spotted queuing outside Worcestershire Royal Hospital while an ambulance on blue lights was also seen stuck in a long queue of traffic. 

An eyewitness saw a number of ambulances outside the hospital on Monday night (December 4). 

They said: "It was the same Sunday and Monday.

"They should have the old one [Accident and Emergency] open for ambulances, and the new one for just walk-in people."

Worcester News: WAITING: Ambulances outside Worcestershire Royal HospitalWAITING: Ambulances outside Worcestershire Royal Hospital (Image: From public)Meanwhile, a visitor to the hospital said there was a 'ridiculous' situation outside the hospital at 4pm. 

In an email to Worcester News, Carla Siwicki said: "Sort it out Worcester Hospital. 

"We have one of the best hospitals around, full of amazing staff.

"But with one way in and one way out, it's ridiculous.

"It's 4.30pm, sat waiting for 30 minutes so far and only moved a few metres.

"There's an ambulance on blues that physically can not get past.

Worcester News: QUEUES: The queues outside Worcestershire Royal HospitalQUEUES: The queues outside Worcestershire Royal Hospital (Image: : Carla Siwicki)

"Patients, visitors, staff after working a hard day, taxis, delivery drivers, ambulances all stuck.

"Too many people in local area and only one hospital with one road in and out - something needs to change."

We reported in October the new hospital's new £35 million A&E department has opened. 

NHS bosses's aim for the new emergency department was to address pressures which led to patients waiting in corridors or ambulances before they could be admitted, meaning increased waiting times.

Pressure on A&E and complications of the size and layout of A&E have been an issue the acute trust has attempted to address.

The Royal was built in 2002 when it was estimated that up to 45,000 patients would be admitted to the emergency department every year.

However, by 2019/20, the number of attendees had risen to 75,000 and continued to increase during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A spokesperson for the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said at the time: "We can confirm that we’re seeing patients in the new emergency department at Worcestershire Royal Hospital now.

"We’re keen to emphasise though that the public should continue to contact NHS 111, either online or by calling 111, to receive free urgent care advice before attending our Emergency Department, and to only use 999 in a life-threatening emergency."

We contacted the trust for comment on Monday's issues but had no response before our deadline.