THERE are several flood alerts in place in Worcestershire as a village near Worcester has been warned flooding is expected.

A flood warning has been issued for the river Severn at Court Meadow, Kempsey and Callow End.

The Environment Agency warned river levels are rising at the Kempsey Yacht Club river gauge as a result of heavy rainfall.

It said flooding of property, roads and farmland is possible today (Monday) and expects flooding to affect Court Meadow Caravan Park.

Predicted peak at Kempsey Yacht Club will be between 6m to 6.2m this morning.

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The agency warned: "Flood water could be deep and fast flowing, and therefore pose a risk to life.

"Further rainfall is forecast over the next 48 hours. We expect river levels to rise until this morning.

"We are closely monitoring the situation.

"Our incident response staff are checking defences and liaising with emergency services and or local authorities.

"Please plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded and move possession and valuables off the ground or to safety."

It will provide an update at 6pm or as the situation changes.

Kempsey village has been issued with a flood alert with expected flooding to affect low lying land and Squires walk in the area of the Hatfield Brook.

The river Severn in Worcestershire is currently under a flood alert with river levels having risen at the Bewdley river gauge as a result of recent heavy rainfall.

The Environment Agenct expects flooding to affect low lying land and roads adjacent to the river from Highley to Tewkesbury.

Locations affected are Stourport, Holt Fleet, Worcester, Kempsey, Severn Stoke and Upton upon Severn.

People living along the river and at risk of flooding have been told to install property level protection if required.

The river Severn's predicted peaks are:

  • Bewdley 3.2m to 3.6m on Wednesday evening,
  • Worcester 4.3m to 4.6m on Wednesday afternoon
  • Diglis 4.0m to 4.3m on Wednesday afternoon
  • Kempsey Yacht Club 6m to 6.2m on Wednesday afternoon
  • Saxons Lode 4.7m to 4.9m on Wednesday evening

In Worcestershire, there is also a flood alert on the river Avon at Evesham with flooding expected to affect low lying land and roads adjacent the River Avon from Abbotts Salford to Tewkesbury.

Other locations that may be affected include Offenham, Evesham, Twyning and the Eckington Road.

Evesham peaked at 2.30m on Monday morning and Bredon peaked at 2.7m on Monday morning. Flooding of properties is not forecast at this point.

There is also a flood alert on the Bow and Piddle Brook and the River Salwarpe.