FIRE engines could soon be removed and on-call firefighter numbers could decrease at Worcester, Malvern, Droitwich and more county locations.

A resource review report made for the chief fire officer has shown that Hereford and Worcester Fire Authority will be reviewing how it can respond to the challenges around on-call availability.

The review recommends that eight on-call fire engines from multi-pump fire stations be removed and "whole-time" workforce numbers should increase to provide more on-duty firefighters.

An image sent to the Worcester News shows a host of fire engines that could be removed from county fire stations, as well as major changes to on-call units.

Worcester News: The proposed changes in the review.The proposed changes in the review. (Image: Public Submission)Several firefighters have contacted the Worcester News to express their concerns over the review.

One firefighter, who asked to remain anonymous over fears they could lose their job, said: "It is really worrying and it is a strong possibility that we are going to lose our jobs.

"Nobody wants to be driving past a fire station and see an empty bay and by removing on-call crews it is just extending the time it takes for a further away crew to get to a serious incident.

"It is so hard because I understand that cuts need to be made in every industry from time to time, but this just does not feel right."

Developing a new blended staffing model at some locations to improve availability, and changing the cover model of one other fire engine to widen the area of potential on-call staff, is also being recommended.

Other recommendations include providing alternative, more flexible, modes of transport for available firefighters to attend incidents at some locations; and focusing on additional prevention activity in some areas.

The review says that the proposals will be subject to consideration of the responses from a public consultation.

The authority currently deploys 41 fire engines across 25 fire stations in different ways, and all 25 of the fire stations have at least one fire engine that is crewed by on-call firefighters.

Of these, 17 fire stations within the two counties are solely crewed by on-call firefighters, with the eight busier fire stations currently having a mix of fire engines crewed by both 'whole-time' and on-call firefighters.

The review specifies that it does not propose to close any fire stations, remove or reduce any first fire engines at any location.

We have contacted the Fire Brigade Union for a comment but have not yet received a response.