Dogs Trust Evesham is currently home to a variety of dogs who are looking for their forever homes this Christmas.

Whether you’re looking for a new puppy to welcome into the family or you want to give an older dog a loving forever home, why not check the Dogs Trust Evesham website first?

If you’re not able to adopt a furry friend, you can support the centre’s work by donating via the support page on their website.

7 dogs at Dogs Trust Evesham need new homes this Christmas


Worcester News: CluedoCluedo (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Male

Age – 1 year old

Breed – Border Collie

Cluedo is looking for an adult-only home where he can be the only pet.

He will need some time and space to become comfortable with his new owners but when he knows you, he is hapy to be handled.

Due to this, potential new owners will need to meet him at the centre several times and some home visits will need to be carried out too.

Find out more about Cluedo via the Dogs Trust website.


Worcester News: ZaraZara (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender - Female

Age – 1 year

Breed – Crossbreed

Zara would like to live in a quiet home that is adult-only with no visiting children.

She takes her time getting to know new people and will need to meet her new family at the centre a few times before she can go home with them.

Zara needs to be the only dog in the home.

Find out more about Zara via the Dogs Trust website.


Worcester News: GretaGreta (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender - Female

Age - 2 years old

Breed - German Shepherd cross

Greta is looking for an active home and she can live with children who are aged 16 or over. Once she's settled, younger visitors can be welcomed.

She needs a secure garden so she can play off the lead.

Greta could potentially share her new home with another dog depending on mixes at the centre.

While she lacks confidence around other dogs, she has shown that she can read them well so having a companion could be beneficial.

Find out more about Greta via the Dogs Trust website.


Worcester News: RubyRuby (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Female

Age – 8 years

Breed – German Shepherd cross

Ruby can live in a moderately busy home that’s adult-only and she’d prefer there to not be many visitors.

She has been receiving treatment for heartworm but now that her treatment is over, she is ready to find a loving new family to live with.

Ruby needs to be the only dog in her new home and she would benefit from careful resocialisation with other dogs as she was kept away from others during her treatment.

Find out more about Ruby via the Dogs Trust website.


Worcester News: BobbyBobby (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Male

Age – 11 years old

Breed – Border Collie cross

Bobby is on the lookout for a quiet home where there are no pets.

He’d like to have a secure garden so he can play fetch and he would benefit from living in an area that isn’t highly populated with dogs.

Bobby’s new home needs to be adult-only but he could have some younger visitors.

He is overweight so he is on a special diet to help him lose weight and it will also help the management of his hip as he has some discomfort.

Bobby takes medication for his hip but the centre urges anyone interested in adopting him to get in touch even if this is a barrier for them.

Find out more about Bobby via the Dogs Trust website.


Worcester News: KelKel (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender - Male

Age – 1 year old

Breed – Belgian Shepherd (Malinois)

Kel is looking for an active adult-only home with quiet surroundings – a rural home would be ideal for him.

He needs a secure garden so he can enjoy lots of off-lead play.

Kel will need help with seeing dogs from a distance as he can be reactive.

Once he’s been introduced to other dogs, he enjoys their company on walks but he’ll need to be the only pet in the home.

Find out more about Kel via the Dogs Trust website.

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Worcester News: BellaBella (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender - Female

Age – 7 years old

Breed – Dobermann

Find out more about Bella via the Dogs Trust website.

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Bella would like to live in a quiet home with a secure garden.

She has never lived with children but she should be okay living with secondary school age children.

In the past, she has been happy welcoming younger visitors to her home.

Bella could live with another dog depending on a successful mix at the centre and she’ll need to live in a low traffic area and go on walks away from roads.