X users have been struggling to work the social media platform that was formerly known as Twitter.

Thousands of users experienced problems from just before 5.30am on Thursday, December 21.

Some users have described not being able to do “anything” while others have reported that the only thing loading is their notifications but they “can’t see tweets”.

According to DownDetector, 75% of the problems relate to the app while 21% relate to the website.

A further 5% relate to the server connection at the time of writing.

Almost 7,000 reports were received by DownDetector across the UK, at the time of writing, including in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Some users attempting to log into their X accounts are finding their timelines are empty with the home page displaying only the message: “Welcome to X!”

Users appear to still be able to post tweets as the hashtag #TwitterDown started trending within minutes of reports of the outages emerging.

Billionaire Elon Musk took over the platform in a 44 billion dollar (£33.6 billion) deal last autumn.

X users struggle to work social media platform

X users took to DownDetector to report the problems they were having with the platform.

One said: “I can't do anything it acts like my account is new, anyone else?”

Another said: “For you page is completely offline, also can’t see anything in search bar

“Only thing I can see are notifications and that’s it. Can’t see any tweets”.

A third suggested it was a problem for users in the UK and further afield, saying: “Mine is also broken - UK, I can tweet and people in the US can reply, but a lot of people in the US are having issues too”.