In the realm of bathroom design, the traditional approach often involves a visit to a showroom, browsing through options and then hiring a professional to bring the vision to life. 

However, a new wave of bathroom design is sweeping across the UK, revolutionising the way bathrooms are conceived and constructed. Enter the bespoke bathroom showroom, an innovative concept that caters not only to bathroom fitters but also to members of the public aspiring to have a uniquely tailored bathroom. 

Based in Worcester, Plumbase has successfully redefined the conventional showroom experience. We chat to Chantelle Elliott, showroom manager at Plumbase, who talks to us about their bespoke design service and the opportunity to save up to half the amount within the January sale.

Virtual worlds: bringing designs to life 

A standout feature of Plumbase's approach is the use of cutting-edge technology. “The CAD design service utilises a remarkable software called Virtual Worlds,” Chantelle says, “which creates realistic 3D bathroom designs.” This immersive experience allows customers to envision the final look, making it easier for them to communicate their ideas with their chosen plumbers.

Worcester News:  Customers can explore brand new displays and samples at the Worcester showroom. Customers can explore brand new displays and samples at the Worcester showroom. (Image: Plumbstop/Plumbase)The designers at Plumbase are not just skilled in software; they bring a wealth of design experience to the table. “We understand what works well together and we guide customers to become more open-minded about design ideas. Whether someone prefers a quirky, unconventional design or a minimalist approach, our team ensures that the result aligns with the customer's personality and vision.”

A sale period like never before 

Plumbase provides both bathroom fitters and their customers with an exceptional service. They have introduced a sale period that breaks the mold, making the dream of a bespoke bathroom more accessible than ever before. 

Visitors can explore brand new displays and samples, taking advantage of the CAD (computer-aided design) service and home measure service. This is not just a store; it's an immersive experience where retail customers can come in and create a personalised bathroom plan. 

An exceptional customer experience 

“At Plumbase, we offer a luxurious experience from the moment you walk through the door, ensuring that all our customers feel special, valued and important,” Chantelle tells us. “From offering them a cup of coffee and biscuits during consultations to spending as much time as needed to perfect the design, we prioritise our customers’ experience.”

Worcester News: Plumbase facilitates the creation of mood boards, helping customers visualise their dream bathroom.Plumbase facilitates the creation of mood boards, helping customers visualise their dream bathroom. (Image: Plumbstop/Plumbase)Streamlining choices 

In an era where online choices can be overwhelming, Plumbase simplifies the decision-making process. Chantelle explains how their project management service alleviates stress and time for their customers. “We facilitate the creation of mood boards, helping customers visualise their dream bathroom. This helps customers narrow down preferences by grouping styles, designs, colours, and textures. 

“We work with market-leading suppliers which caters to every budget, ensuring that every customer receives the same high-quality service no matter how much they are looking to spend.” 

From dealing with delivery dates to liaising with fitters, Plumbase takes on the responsibility of making the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. Customers can relax knowing that the design and quote, as well as coordination with the fitter, are all handled seamlessly. 

Plumbase has redefined the bathroom design experience, proving that regardless of budget, an exceptional, stress-free journey is within reach for anyone envisioning a bespoke bathroom. 

Visit Plumbase’s Worcester showroom at Unit 21, Great Western Business Park, Mckenzie Way, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR4 9GN. 

Alternatively, contact the sales team for enquiries or to book a design visit on 01905 613546 or email or visit their Facebook page.