One smoke alarm might not be enough to make sure you escape from a fire in the home, recent statistics have revealed.

Despite 95 per cent of homes having at least one working smoke alarm, in only a third of cases, fire alarms alert residents in England to fires.

The most common reason a smoke alarm fails to activate is because the fire is outside its range.



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The national fire safety campaign and Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) are advising residents of Herefordshire and Worcestershire to reassess the smoke alarms in their homes.

Emma Roberts, head of prevention at HWFRS said: "We must all make sure that we have enough smoke alarms to cover our whole homes.

"If you don't have enough, or they're not in the right place, you might not be alerted in time.

"That’s why it’s so important that you have enough smoke alarms and that they are in the right place to have the best chance of alerting you and your loved ones to a fire.”

Ms Roberts added: "You should make sure you have at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home, preferably in hallways and landings."

She also advised placing alarms close to bedrooms and rooms with electrical appliances, and reminded the public that smoke alarms don't last forever.

"The power might work, but the detection mechanism deteriorates with time.

"Whether they are battery operated or wired to the mains, they should be replaced every ten years."

HWFRS has also shared other tips for smoke alarm installation, such as putting alarms on every level of a home in the middle of a room, hallway or landing, fitting additional alarms in rooms with electrical appliances and avoiding installation near kitchens and bathrooms.

Ms Roberts added: "And finally, don't forget to test your smoke alarms every week - Press to test, weekly is best".

The HWFRS Prevention team can be contacted on 0800 032 1155 for those who might qualify for a free Home Fire Safety Visit.

A free online Home Fire Safety Check can be completed at