A 23-YEAR-OLD man who killed his "best friend" in a high-speed car crash broke down in tears as he was jailed for over nine years. 

Worcester Crown Court heard Shea Rourke, of Coates Drive, Pinvin, near Pershore, drove at speeds of over 100mph on a Worcestershire country road before crashing into a tree, killing front seat passenger Jobie Haynes.

His Honour Judge James Burbidge KC, told "immature" Rourke he deliberately ignored the rules of the road and drove erratically despite there being a cycling event on the road that day. 

Worcester News: JAILED: Shea RourkeJAILED: Shea Rourke (Image: West Mercia Police)

Jonathan Barker, prosecuting, said on the afternoon of March 26 last year Rourke was offered the chance by Jobie - 26 at the time - to drive his imported modified Volkswagon Golf which he was selling.

The court heard Rourke "raced" the vehicle up and down the B4082 between Upton Snodsbury and Pinvin, which was caught on a resident's camera. 

Police experts estimated the speed to be approaching nearly 120mph. 

Marshalls of the cycling event put out signs warning drivers it was in progress and even motioned at Rourke to slow down, but the defendant ignored the warnings. 

Worcester News: TRIBUTES: The tributes left at the scene after the crashTRIBUTES: The tributes left at the scene after the crash (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)

Rourke took the racing line through the road and, when he was driving in the middle of the road, a Nissan Micra was coming in the opposite direction.

To avoid hitting the woman's Micra, Rourke suddenly veered before losing control of the Golf coming off the road onto a grass verge and hitting the tree. 

The prosecutor said the crash took place on a section of the road with a 60mph speed limit, but analysis of the vehicle showed at the time of impact it had been travelling above 80mph. 

Mr Barker said the vehicle had no defects and visibility and driving conditions had been good on the day of the crash.

The prosecutor said an aggravating factor was Rourke's previous convictions included drug driving. That offence took place in 2020 when Rourke was given a 14-month driving ban. 

Rourke, by admitting causing death by dangerous driving and causing death by driving a vehicle - driver unlicensed/uninsured at Kidderminister Magistrates Court was also in breach of a suspended sentence. 

We reported on that case in which Rourke was jailed for 22 months for possession of cocaine with intent to supply as well as possession of ketamine and cannabis, suspended for two years in October 2021. 

During the trial, Jobie's mum, Susan Tustin,pleaded to Rourke to change his life. 

Worcester News: REMEMBERED: Jobie HaynesREMEMBERED: Jobie Haynes (Image: Susan Tustin)

"I feel being locked away for a while will give you the chance to better what life you have left," she told Rourke who was in tears as she spoke.

Rourke was defended by Richard Davenport during the hearing on Thursday, (January 4).

He told the court the defendant was emotional about what had happened to his "best friend" and was suffering depression after the crime, wishing he could swap places with Jobie. 

He said Rourke was on crutches as he suffered injuries to his leg in the crash.

Worcester News: COURT: Shea Rourke was jailed at Worcester Crown CourtCOURT: Shea Rourke was jailed at Worcester Crown Court

Mr Davenport added police had originally investigated whether Rourke had been drug driving at the time but stressed the defendant was not under the influence when he crashed. 

Judge Burbidge said: "There were a number of people on that road at the time.

"Jobie Haynes - a son, nephew, a friend to many - died from catastrophic injury.

"Yours was a deliberate decision to ignore the rules of the road at speeds highly inappropriate for the road."

The judge jailed Rourke for 9 years 4 months, and disqualified him from driving for 11 years and three months.