POLICE were in a Worcester road on Sunday night (January 8) as cars had been abandoned due to flooding. 

West Mercia Police officers were in All Saints Road in Worcester city centre at around 10pm. 

Worcestershire Highways posted a picture on social media of cars parked on the pavement and a car parked on the double yellow lines. 



Cones were placed around the vehicles before the road reopened after the recent flooding. 

Highways wrote: "If you're parked in lane 3 of All Saints Road, Worcester, we recommend that you move your vehicle now, the road will be opened tonight.

"Officers from West Mercia Police are assisting at the site."

On Monday lunchtime Jon Frasier, head of Worcestershire Highways, said all the cars had been moved apart from some still on the footway. 

He said although in theory cars can be ticketed, the council said everyone took a sensible view after flooding for a few hours while the road gets reopened.

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said officers were at the scene, at the time, assisting highways and doing welfare checks to ensure nobody was in the vehicles.