PLANNED roadworks have been delayed due to the risk of even more congestion as major work continues on a main road into Worcester.

Drivers have suffered long delays because of roadworks caused by a collapsed sewer in The Tything which is currently undergoing repairs. 

There have been traffic delays on The Tything and Upper Tything in Barbourne as Severn Trent Water (STW) roadworks are underway on a collapsed sewer.

There were fears the roadworks could drag on to later this month, potentially until around January 19, but in an update Jon Frasier, head of Worcestershire County Council Highways, said he understood it could be "just a few more days" until the work comes to an end.

Worcester News: DELAYS: The delays caused by roadworks in The TythingDELAYS: The delays caused by roadworks in The Tything (Image: Newsquest)

Severn Trent Water has previously apologised for the disruption caused by the roadworks which first arrived before Christmas.

Drivers were facing traffic misery as more roadworks have been advertised on city centre roads a short distance away this month.

Flag Meadow Walk, not far from The Tything, was to close from this Wednesday, (January 10) until Friday, (January 12).


Those roadworks by Cadent had been approved. But in an update, Mr Fraser said: "Those have been suspended and won't start until Severn Trent Water has left The Tything."

Roadworks are also planned for Ombersley Road between January 15 and January 17.

Mr Fraser said those traffic-controlled, two-way signal roadworks - being carried out by Openreach - are going ahead as they are not expected to cause much disruption. 

On Monday morning, (January 8) at around 8.20am in the rush hour, there was some disruption in the area as schools went back after the Christmas break. 

Google's traffic map showed a long red line - red meaning severe queuing - on the approach to The Tything stretching back past Gheluvelt Park and up Ombersley Road.

Worcester News: DELAYS: The traffic delays in Worcester city centreDELAYS: The traffic delays in Worcester city centre (Image: Google)

Matt Jenkins, Worcestershire County councillor for St Stephen, said: "I used to live in Ombersley Road and often saw a long line of traffic - it doesn't take much to make traffic much worse in that area. 

"It is sensible by highways to suspend the Flag Meadow Walk, that makes sense."