A WORCESTERSHIRE man is making waves as a contestant on the popular television series The Traitors. 

Miles, who now lives in Worcestershire, is competing in the second series of the popular show The Traitors. 

Warning: Spoilers for series 2 of The Traitors

In the BBC show, hosted by Claudia Winkleman, 22 strangers meet up at a castle in the Scottish Highlands where they play games in a bid to win up to £120,000.

There are two types of players - Faithfuls and Traitors - with the Faithfuls having to throw out all the Traitors.

The first episode of the new series launched with a surprise twist – the killers were given the opportunity to enlist an additional member to their group.

During the first episode, the contestants sat around the table and Winkleman touched the shoulders of those who would become “traitors” – contestants who meet after dark and plot to kill.

Worcester News: TRAITORS: Claudia Winkleman hosts The TraitorsTRAITORS: Claudia Winkleman hosts The Traitors (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz)

Afterwards she revealed that the traitors would need to enlist another member to their clan during their first meeting.

After the castle clock chimed, the contestants left to go to their individual lodgings before the traitors returned in the dark, travelling to the traitor turret to start what Winkleman described as their “brutal work”.

The traitors recruited by Winkleman were Ash, Paul and Harry.

And those three then picked Miles to become the fourth traitor.

Worcester News: TRAITORS: Miles is appearing on The TraitorsTRAITORS: Miles is appearing on The Traitors (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz)The veterinary nurse, originally from Birmingham, said he has done the “cookie cutter” life by having a husband, going to college and having a family and thinks this will be a change.

The 36-year-old said when he told his mother he was doing TV she said it was OK “as long as it’s not something like Love Island”.

In an interview with the Radio Times prior to the show he said: "When I saw the show, I thought it was quite clever, quite different. It was nicely done. I like that the show has normal, everyday people.

"There are going to be times when you’re going to have beef with people, because we’ll get so involved in the roles that we’re playing.

"It’s just that, I'm playing a role. As long as my nearest and dearest know that, then that’ll make me feel a bit better – it's not real life."