Recent statistics have revealed that West Mercia has the most cases of child sexual offences in the West Midlands.

The figures showed 2,126 offences recorded in West Mercia alone during 2022/23.

The area topped the charts as part of a total of 8,265 offences recorded across the entire West Midlands region, with another 1,089 in Staffordshire and 875 in Warwickshire.


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The latest data compiled by the NSPCC reveal that child sexual offences recorded by police remain close to the highest on record for the last 16 years, with just under 87,000 incidents recorded nationwide.

Offences encompassed rape, sexual assault, sexual grooming and exploitation, with most crimes committed against 11 to 15-year-olds.

High-ranking figures have triggered the launch of a joint campaign by the NSPCC and Home Office to tackle child sexual abuse, which encourages the public to voice their concerns, believing that such intervention may protect a child at risk.

In order to handle the anticipated volume of calls, the Home Office is providing funding to boost the NSPCC Helpline's capability and heighten public and professional awareness of the service.

Helpline director at the NSPCC, Kam Thandi, said: "The high numbers of child sexual offences being reported by police forces across the UK are a warning to us all that more must be done to tackle this abuse."

The campaign corresponds with a report published in October 2022 by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

This seven-year-long inquiry concluded that child sexual abuse and exploitation is grossly under-reported, and prompted a significant uplift in calls to the helpline.

The campaign, which also includes two promotional films aimed at the public and professionals, stresses the central role people can play in keeping children safe from sexual abuse.

Laura Farris MP, minister for victims and safeguarding, said: "The protection of children is a collective effort.

"Every adult must be supported to call out child sexual abuse without fear.

"That’s why we’re supporting the NSPCC and their Helpline, to protect children and bring offenders to justice."

People are urged to contact the NSPCC Helpline at or by calling 0808 800 5000 if they have concerns about a child’s safety or wellbeing.