West Midlands Ambulance Service is ramping up its recruitment for volunteer community first responders (CFRs).

They are keen to attract everyday members of the public interested in being trained in a number of basic lifesaving techniques, including using a defibrillator to assist victims of cardiac arrest.

The new responders will be dispatched to medical emergencies in and around regional towns to attend incidents while awaiting the arrival of an on-route ambulance and become crucial life-saving personnel especially in cardiac and traumatic emergencies where response time is vital.



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Among other things, responders' availability, close proximity and knowledge of the area are important in taking on the role.

CFRs are being recruited by WMAS across the West MIdlands, including Worcester.

Community response manager, Cliff Medlicott, confirms that responders can continue to live normal lives despite adding the role of a first responder to their routine.

Medlicott said: "Volunteers come from all walks of life.

"When they make themselves available to respond they can continue to go about their daily lives, but if an emergency call is received by the ambulance service within a five-mile radius, they are sent and always backed-up by an emergency ambulance service vehicle.

“To volunteer, you must be aged 18 or over, have a full driving licence and lots of enthusiasm."

Medlicott added: "Help will be provided in obtaining the necessary equipment, and no previous experience is necessary as West Midlands Ambulance Service will provide the training.

"Successful applicants will attend a nationally recognised training course covering Basic Life Support and Defibrillation, Medical Emergencies, Traumatic Emergencies and Preparing for Active Duty. They will then train alongside ambulance crews before going ‘live’”.

Applicants can visit www.jobs.nhs.uk, job reference C9217-CFR01a-2024, for more information.