A fostering agency has received an 'outstanding' grading following an official inspection from Ofsted.

Worcestershire-based fostering agency, FCA Midlands, received the top certification in all aspects of its operation during the evaluation.

The official report praised the fostering agency for understanding how to improve positive experiences and outcomes for the children and young individuals under its care.



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On top of this, the effectiveness of leaders and managers was also highlighted as a pillar of its success.

A snippet from the Ofsted report reads: "Warm, welcoming and knowledgeable managers recruit, assess, prepare and train foster parents effectively.

"This means that carers are well equipped to parent children and to provide children with stable and nurturing homes."

Extending to the wider support network, Ofsted added: "The support provided to foster parents and children is available through a wide range of initiatives and interventions that overlap seamlessly in practice and an ethos of commitment to promoting equality, diversity, inclusion, and participation, runs throughout practice."

Kate Taylor, the registered manager at FCA Midlands, said: "I'm extremely proud of the incredible work FCA Midlands is doing to support our children and fostering families.

"I’m delighted with our Outstanding outcome and that Ofsted acknowledges children in our care make significant progress and flourish."

181 children were living in 126 fostering households in the area at the time of the inspection.

Alison Mear, a foster parent with FCA Midlands, said: "There is always a bit of apprehension when approached by Ofsted, but I found it a welcoming and encouraging experience.

"It gave us an opportunity to share the fantastic work FCA has done to keep our children and young people safe and happy.

"I feel proud that we could share our activities, how children’s confidence has grown and the support within our family and community."

The agency is now turning its attention to address the estimated additional 3,000 foster carers that will need to be recruited year on year, for the next three years, to accommodate the increasing number of children coming into care.

Those considering fostering children can find more information on the FCA website (https://www.thefca.co.uk/enquiry/) or by calling 0800 023 4561.