The Traitors continued last night (January 10) and viewers were left with a “pointless” cliffhanger at the end of the episode.

The new series is in full swing now and as the traitors and faithfuls battle it out for a prize fund of up to £120,000, the game-playing is getting more intense.

In last night’s episode, all contestants voted to banish one person from the group as fears they were a traitor grew.

Spoilers ahead…

'Pointless' cliffhanger leaves viewers curious for next episode

The cliffhanger saw Ash stand at the front of the group as the roundtable vote meant that she would be banished.

However, the episode ended just as Ash was about to reveal to the group whether she was a traitor, as they all thought, or if she was a faithful.

Viewers were not able to see if she was going to reveal she was a traitor but they know she is and players have to be honest so they have said the cut-off point wasn’t necessary.

Others have flipped it on its head and think Ash was about to reveal something that might throw another traitor under the bus since two of her fellow traitors had voted to banish her.

Viewers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their views in a reply to the show’s official account which asked what people thought of the episode.

The Traitors UK posted on X, saying: “That’s a wrap on #TheTraitorsUK Series 2 Episode 4!

“Have thoughts and theories on what happens next? Share them with us!”

One viewer replied: “Why cut off on that?? We already know Ash is a traitor”

Another agreed, saying: “There was no need for a cliffhanger when we already know Ash is a traitor”

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However, another suggested more would be revealed by Ash, saying: “I can’t help but think there’s a good reason it was cut off before Ash revealed. She’s gonna drop something before saying she’s a traitor. 100%”

Another viewer said: “Can’t wait to see what she says … must be something juicy - only reason why they would leave it as a cliffhanger as we all know she’s a traitor !”

The next episode of The Traitors will air tonight on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm.