GOING out for a meal can be very expensive these days - so the opening of a new restaurant which offered a 'global' menu at pocket-friendly prices certainly appealed to me.

The Castle in Droitwich reopened with a seven-figure refurbishment and a new international menu which is set to provide a global culinary experience at your usual pub prices. 

The Greene King chain is the first UK pub to be under Seared  - a new brand which aims to bring global food to suburban areas that may not have access to various eateries.

A suburban girl myself and a frequent regular to The Castle before the refurbishment, I decided to visit the restaurant and see if the new menu was really up to the hype. 

Worcester News: Firstly, the new menu is a massive upgrade to what it was before.

There is a large selection of mains, reasonably priced sharing platters and a whole build-your-own skewer section. 

I ordered the Korean fried chicken as a starter for £4.95, a taste of Caribbean sharing platter which also came with two drinks (including cocktails) for £29.95 and a Jamaican-styled pineapple crumble for £4.75.

Worcester News: The Korean Fried Chicken was a personal favourite. The Korean Fried Chicken was a personal favourite. (Image: NQ)One thing I quite liked was that the menu pairs international beers and cocktails to each sharing platter, and obviously, I was obliged to try them.

The star of the show was the starter, which was jam-packed with flavour.

I could easily eat plate after plate of the Korean fried chicken which is saying something. 

Worcester News: What the 'taste of Caribbean sharing platter' looked like.What the 'taste of Caribbean sharing platter' looked like. (Image: NQ)The sharing platter was unfortunately not as nice as my starter - though it was hard to beat - but it was still good pub food, and the portion was massive. 

For the price, I would definitely recommend the sharing platter option to anyone who is visiting. 

The dessert was nice and definitely packed a punch in terms of flavours.

Worcester News:  Jamaican-styled pineapple crumble. Jamaican-styled pineapple crumble. (Image: NQ)Overall, I was genuinely surprised that I was eating food that tasted good from the same pub I used to avoid eating in three months prior.

The Castle, from my first experience after the refurbishment, has become a place with great pub food at family-friendly prices.

I may have been sceptical to begin with but I do really enjoy the global concept.

There is a lack of Korean or Caribbean eateries in the town and in that sense, it does fill a gap in the market.

If you are looking for a pub that is not going to cost you an arm and a leg to eat at, then The Castle may be a good place to start.