Popular with children of all ages, Happy Meal toys have become synonymous with McDonald's with many of these items fetching hundreds of pounds online.

Popular bidding platforms like eBay are used by thousands up and down the country to buy and sell valuable items such as select toys from the fast food giant.

If you're looking to make a bit of money and think you have some of these Happy Meal toys hidden away then look no further.

The McDonald's Happy Meal toys that could fetch you hundreds on eBay

Worcester News: Pokemon Happy Meal toys from McDonald's can fetch £140 on eBay.Pokemon Happy Meal toys from McDonald's can fetch £140 on eBay. (Image: Getty)

Here are the McDonald's Happy Meal toys that could be worth a small fortune on eBay.

TY Teenie Beanie Babies 

Value: £290

According to The Mirror, there are currently 10 unopened TY Tennie Beanie Babies on sale for a whopping £290.

The item's description on the listing reads: "McDonald's TY Teenie Beanie Babies 10 Happy Meal boxes and 10 toys Never Been Open. Condition is Used. But is in super condition the boxes are and all the toys are sealed and have never been opened so brand new. This is such a great collection and you can make your own Happy Meals at home for your kids' fun times."

Treasure Planet 2002

Value: £359.99

The owner, who has held onto this complete Treasure Planet set for 22 years, said of the items: "McDonald's Happy Meal toys, complete Treasure Planet set. New condition. All items are sealed in original bags, never been opened. Worldwide shipping on all items."

Mr Men 2021

Value: £495

By far the most valuable item on this list, these commemorative Mr Men toys from 2021 are being sold for nearly £500. 

The description reads: "McDonald's Happy Meal Toys 2021 - Mr Men. Plush soft toys. Full set of 25. 50th Anniversary. Collectable BNIP. Thanks for looking."

Worcester News: Happy Meals have become one of the most important menu items at McDonald's.Happy Meals have become one of the most important menu items at McDonald's. (Image: Getty)

Teddy Bears 1999

Value: £140

First issued in Hong Kong in 1999, buyers can get their hands on these originally boxed items now. Described as "rare" by the seller, the collection features 28 teddy bears.

Pokemon 2019

Value: £140

Popular around the world, Pokemon partnered with McDonald's in 2019 to release branded belt disc shooters. These can now be acquired by collectors online.

Ronald and Friends 2001

Value: £149.02

Four "rare" Ronald and Friends Happy Meals toys from 2001 are being sold for £149.02 on eBay with the seller describing them as bright and colourful items that "instantly transport you to the golden era of fun and excitement."

They added: "This offer includes not just one, but all four games from the 2001 Happy Meal Toy series. You'll get to enjoy the complete set, making it a perfect addition to your collection. These toys are not your everyday Happy Meal trinkets.

"They are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Owning the complete set is a badge of honour among collectors. These games aren't just for show. They provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike."