A NEW poll suggests Worcester is set to switch to Labour at the next general election. 

The country is due for a general election by January 2025, potentially being held this May or in the autumn. 

According to a poll commissioned by Conservative donors, carried out by YouGov and the Daily Telegraph, the Tories are on course for a major election loss nationally similar to the 1997 result. 

YouGov's poll surveyed 14,000 voters, and issued predictions for each of the country's 650 constituencies.

Worcester News: CANDIDATE: Tom Collins, Labour party candidateCANDIDATE: Tom Collins, Labour party candidate (Image: Newsquest)Among the major seats forecast to change is Worcester - a Labour gain with a predicted 43 per cent share of the vote. 

The poll says Conservatives would be at 31 per cent, Greens on nine per cent, Liberal Democrats eight per cent, Reform eight per cent, while others would be on 1 per cent.

If this translates to a general election result it would mean Worcester would be held by Labour for the first time since 2010 when Labour MP Mike Foster lost to Conservative Robin Walker - who is stepping down this time round. 

Tom Collins, is Labour's parliamentary candidate, Marc Bayliss standing for the Conservatives in Worcester.

It will be the first time an election is fought under an electoral boundary shake-up previously agreed. 

The constituency boundary for the Worcester seat, which has not changed since 1992, would remain the same as would West Worcestershire.

West Worcestershire, which includes Malvern, is forecast to be a Conservative hold. 

In that constituency it is predicted Conservatives would have a 37 per cent share, Labour 26 per cent, Liberal Democrats 16 per cent, Greens nine per cent and others on two per cent. 

At the next election the Mid Worcestershire will be known as Droitwich and Evesham. 

Under the changes Dodderhill, which includes Wychbold and Upton Warren, and Harvington and Norton moves from Mid Worcestershire to Redditch.

Worcester News: VOTE: A general election could take place in 2024VOTE: A general election could take place in 2024

The Droitwich and Evesham seat is also predicted to be a Conservative hold. The Conservatives are forecast to get 37 per cent, of the vote, Labour on 27 per cent, Liberal Democrats on 13 per cent, Reform on 13 per cent, Greens on nine per cent and others on two per cent.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Lord David Frost - a Conservative peer - said the poll’s findings were 'stunningly awful' and that the party was facing 'a 1997-style wipeout – if [the Conservatives] are lucky.'

1997 saw Sir Tony Blair's Labour Party win a landslide majority, decimating Sir John Major's Conservatives.

Responding to the poll Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the only poll that matters “is the one when the general election comes”.