A travel expert on TikTok has shared a pre-holiday phone trick that could save you in an emergency. 

TikTok has famously become a platform of ingenious tips and tricks including everything from holiday destination dupes to popular packing hacks.

Now, one TikToker - who is the daughter of a flight attendant - has shared some game-changing advice that only takes seconds to do but could go a long way to alleviate that airport stress.

The simple phone trick comes from the self-proclaimed "carry-on queen", who goes by KJ and can be found using the username @beachykj.

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Sharing the top tip with her TikTok followers, KJ noted: "This is so my mother, she'd be proud of this.

"Screenshot your itineraries, always have your flight locator and your hotel conf and stuff in your phone as you never know when sometimes you can't get Wifi or your data's not working when you're trying to pull it up. So annoying."

The travel pro also told followers to keep a screenshot of your passport and ID handy just in case.

Whilst most places won't accept them as a valid form of identification, you never know when they'll come in handy. 

The TikTok influencer didn't stop there as she urged her followers to check in as early as possible for your flight.

KJ recommended aiming for 24 hours before flying and booking directly with an airline.

Her other top tips included advice that will definitely come in handy during flight delays like bringing snacks on your carry-on luggage and carrying a power bank or portable charger with you.

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KJ also shared that wipes were a must in her travel bags because planes aren't always the cleanest of places.

The TikToker's final bit of advice was to make your luggage as easy to spot as possible so you can see it and grab it quickly once you land.

For instance, she recommended a bright or uniquely coloured case to her followers.

KJ also suggested adding something unique like a ribbon or sticker so you can't mistake it with one of the hundreds of other bags coming from your plane.