ALL of the Worcestershire MPs voted in favour of the Rwanda bill when it went before the House of Commons. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak saw the Safety of Rwanda Bill pass its third reading in the House of Commons by a majority of 44. 

MPs voted 320 to 276, with only 11 Tories rebelling despite more than 60 earlier supporting an amendment designed to toughen the draft law on Wednesday evening, (January 18).

The flagship Rwanda deportation legislation survived a right-wing Conservative rebellion after would-be rebels announced they would not vote down an unchanged bill.

Worcester News: PM: Rishi SunakPM: Rishi Sunak (Image: UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor/PA)The Bill will now transfer to the House of Lords where it is expected to face serious opposition.

Worcester's MP Robin Walker, Mid-Worcestershire MP Nigel Huddleston and West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin all voted to back the Rwanda bill.

Ledbury's MP Bill Wiggin also voted in favour, as well as Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown.

The division list showed only 11 Conservative MPs rebelled including high profile names Suella Braverman, Mark Francois and Andrea Jenkyns.

At a Downing Street press conference on Thursday, (January 19), Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urged peers to “do the right thing” and back his Rwanda legislation.

Worcester News: MP: Robin WalkerMP: Robin Walker (Image: Newsquest)

The PM has made the Rwanda policy – first proposed in 2022 while Boris Johnson was in Number 10 – central to his premiership, forming part of his pledge to stop small boats of migrants from coming to Britain over the English Channel.

The PM said: "It’s now time for the Lords to pass this bill. This is an urgent national priority.

“The treaty with Rwanda is signed and the legislation which deems Rwanda a safe country has been passed unamended in our elected chamber.

“There is now only one question. Will the opposition in the appointed House of Lords try and frustrate the will of the people as expressed by the elected House? Or will they get on board and do the right thing?”

Opposition parties accused the government of focusing on the Rwanda plan to the detriment of other pressing issues, and have described it as "unworkable" and "expensive".