FEARS a footpath leading to Worcester's riverside has "vanished without a trace" have come to life as the council say it will not be reinstated after work.

Carrington Bridge underwent works as part of a wider scheme to dual the entire length of the A4440 Southern Link Road from the M5 to Powick roundabout.

A footpath that previously lead down from the Ketch viewpoint overlooking the bridge to the river was closed during the works but then vanished. 

However, the county council said the footpath was not a formal Public Right of Way.

The path ran from the viewpoint and passed under Carrington Bridge joined a separate footpath below, allowing access from the Ketch to the Seven Way footpath running along the river towards the city.

David Beswick contacted the Worcester News saying: "The Carrington Bridge widening project has seen the footpath that lead down from the old viewpoint, overlooking the bridge to the river, not only closed for the duration of the earthworks, but disappear entirely without trace.

"The car park, (Broomhall parking) and viewpoint, was closed during the development.

"The footpath that zigzagged down from the viewpoint, passing under the Carrington bridge joining the footpath below, allowed people access from the Ketch to the Severn way footpath, that runs along side the river going back towards the city.

"This was a lovely area to visit giving you easy access to the river, enjoying a rural walk right within the city itself."

He wants to hear from anyone who remembers the footpath and would share their memories and photos.

This gave people visiting the viewpoint easy access to the river where they could enjoy a rural walk within the city itself.

Worcester News:

But it seems that after the works were completed, the footpath is now no longer accessible.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: “Prior to the Southern Link Road work, there was a path down to the Severn Way, immediately below Carrington Bridge, that was subject to erosion.

"This path was not a formal Public Right of Way and was not reinstated as part of the work.

"The Southern Link Road work did include the addition of an illuminated path beneath Carrington Bridge that provides a link between the Viewpoint Car Park and a Public Right of Way, that affords access to the Severn Way.”

Do you have memories or photos of the footpath? Email news@worcesternews.co.uk.